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Barack Obama's visit to Indonesia is expected to encourage U.S. investment

Monday, November 8, 20100 komentar

Barack Obama's visit to Indonesia is expected to encourage U.S. investment : United States President's visit to Indonesia Barack Obama is expected to boost investment, particularly related to the manufacturing industry in Indonesia. Minister of Industry M.S. Hidayat said the focus of the theme of Obama's visit to Indonesia this time is a matter of economics, beyond the problem of Western and Islamic rapprochement.

According to him, Indonesia's growth in ASEAN is the highest and the only ASEAN country that are members of the G-20. "In our macro pretty good, but the fact is, investing the United States compared with other countries, even in Asia too, far below. I wish I, from U.S. investment into larger," he said today.

However, according to Hidayat, Indonesia can not expect too much considering the condition of the U.S. who are still trying to recover its economy. "Yesterday was also the Democratic Party lost the parliamentary elections because they can not recover quickly." Kemenperin, he said, will request that the U.S. could go into more heavy industry, and not too concentrated to the mining and oil and gas.

So far, advanced by Minister of Industry, the new government pocketed investment commitment from Caterpillar with an investment estimated at under U.S. $ 1 billion. "Targeting the real investment rise with the coming Obama to Indonesia should be above U.S. $ 1 billion," he said
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