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World condemns Israeli attacks on Gaza Ship Humanitarian Mission

Tuesday, June 1, 20100 komentar

Berita Lampung World condemns Israeli attacks on Gaza Ship Humanitarian Mission : Israeli attacks against Mavi Marmara ships carrying humanitarian mission to Gaza, the Palestinians reaped criticism from countries in the world. China, for example, urged the United Nations (UN) to act decisively against Israel that was conducted in international waters.

"China was shocked by Israel's attacks against the multinational humanitarian mission to bring aid into Gaza, let alone many casualties in this tragedy," said Yang Tao, Adviser Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations as quoted by Xinhua, Tuesday (1 / 6). According to him, China condemned the actions of Israel which killed at least 10 people and demanded the UN Security Council resolution urging Israel to comply with the Security Commission in 1860 with the opening of the blockade was doing in the Gaza Strip to allow Palestinians to live normally.

Similar criticisms were raised by Turkey, the Arab League, and the European Union. Turkey said it will not recover even its political relations with Israel. Germany and France also issued a statement that they condemned the heinous act of Israel.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon was admitted surprise dengankabar. "It exceeds the proportion of Israeli attacks against convoys that they perceive as a threat," wrote the Amnesty International Regional Director Malcolm Smart.

In Washington, U.S. President Barrack Obama urged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to immediately find the facts about the Israeli raid. He expressed regret for the loss of lives of humanitarian activists in the tragedy.

According to a statement from the White House spokesman, Obama's relationship with Netanyahu is currently cool. This tragedy also canceled plans to visit U.S. Netanyahu. After the visit to Canada, Netanyahu returned to Israel to handle this crisis.

UN Security Council called for immediate investigation into this attack. UN Security Council also requested the Israeli military to release all the activists who keeps. Israel has arrested 48 activists will hold 487 people and others to be passengers in a convoy of six ships such humanitarian missions.
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