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The Indonesian government condemns Israeli action

Tuesday, June 1, 20100 komentar

Berita Lampung The Indonesian government condemns Israeli action ; The Indonesian government condemns Israeli actions against the humanitarian mission led by the Freedom Flotilla ships Mavi Marmara, which was sailed to Gaza, Palestine. The Government will also continue to try to ensure the fate of Indonesian nationals (WNI) who participated in humanitarian missions such shipping.

"Certainly our attitude toward the Israeli action was easy, clear, straightforward. Of course we condemn, (and) condemns. Actions of Israel referred to the ship entered the ambush against humanity, even beyond the waters," Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa, at the Presidential Palace complex, Jakarta, Monday (31 / 5).

Marty said Israel had made a mistake by attacking ships double the humanitarian mission. In addition there is no basis for the ambush, the blockade of action undertaken Zionist army itself is also a violation of international law. Marty also considered Israel's actions had damaged the latest peace effort that was pioneered back through the approach of "proximity talks".

"In short, this is very clear black and white. In the sense of the word, action Israel has violated international law, not only penyergapannya action, but also the blockade. There are multiple errors of law violations that are multi-dimensional, either ambush also blockade," said Marty.

Besides condemned and denounced the Israeli attack, according to Marty Indonesia, also will cooperate with the international community to ensure Israel's responsibility. "Of course the first is with the Palestinians themselves, who wanted to show how attitudes to the Palestinians. We will work closely with the Non-Aligned countries, the OIC countries, the international community in general, to ensure Israel's cruel to take responsibility for the actions they did," said Foreign Minister.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister also mentioned that the government will also continue to ensure the safety of citizen participating in the mission. Intensive communication being conducted by government representatives, among others, in Ankara (Turkey), Cairo (Egypt) and Amman (Jordan). "In essence, attempt to collect data as complete as possible, especially on matters pertaining to Indonesian citizens," said Marty.

As previously reported, were noted 12 Indonesian citizens who follow the international mission. Marty himself says, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has warned of the hazard before the trip to the Mer-C, one team of volunteers who follow the international mission. "Now, our main sections (a) ensures the existence of our citizens. Who was on that boat, how much, who's identity, how it is," said Marty again.
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