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Invite Board Members Boycott Israeli Products

Tuesday, June 1, 20100 komentar

Berita Lampung Invite Board Members Boycott Israeli Products : Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Ahmad Muzani strongly condemn the Israeli attacks against ships carrying Mavi Marmara volunteers from various countries for humanitarian mission to Gaza. To that end, he advocated the government banned the entry of all Israeli products to Indonesia.

"This is the extraordinary crime and barbaric. We came there did not carry weapons but attack just like that. As a concrete step that we condemn the action just boycott all Israeli products," he said in the Parliament Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (1 / 6) .

According Muzani, this is not the first time the brutal Israeli attacks against the actions with the aim of humanitarian mission in Palestine. Previously Israel had also attacked a hospital, markets, and innocent civilians. "The way this terror is often used in Israel to destroy the spirit of humanity in Palestine," he said.

Government, said Muzani, should act firmly and clearly associated with the rescue mission conducted 12 citizen who allegedly joined a victim along with hundreds of other volunteers. So far Muzani yet to see concrete steps or a statement from the government. "This is a slap the face of Israel. Embarrassing, let alone a day after the arrival of Mahmoud Abas to Indonesia," said this Gerindra politician.
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