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The World Can Only Action condemns Israeli violence and barbarism

Thursday, June 3, 20100 komentar

Berita Lampung The World Can Only Action condemns Israeli violence and barbarism ;Top Israeli raid into the humanitarian ship, numerous protests and condemnation from the world community also began to flow again. The Indonesian government is very strongly condemn the Israeli actions that have been attacking convoys of humanitarian Mavi Marmara ship in the waters of the Mediterranean on Monday morning (06/31).

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Minister) Marty Natalegawa after attending a meeting of Assessment Team Final (TPA) at the State Palace in Jakarta, the Israeli army action is a violation of international law.

Furthermore, Foreign Minister also said that what has been done by Israel is clearly violating international law not only act penyergapannya but even his blockade, so that mistakes are multi-dimensional.

Not only Marti Natalegawa Foreign Minister, Minister of Justice and Human Rights Patrialis Akbar is also very critical of the Israeli attacks on ships carrying humanitarian Mavi Marmara humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. What has been done by Israel once again has demonstrated to the international world how barbaric and not berprikemanusiaannya Israel who has the heart to kill innocent civilians.

However the world, through the United Nations must immediately take firm action. Warnings and criticism alone is not enough to stop the violence and savagery carried Israeli soldiers against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Because up until now the world has seen with his own eyes and head, how nasty Zionist Israel has memborbardir buildings and residential areas in Palestine. Even banguan mosques, hospitals and agricultural lands in Palestine not spared from attacks.

During this time, the world has witnessed, not just once or twice a war Israel had committed crimes and violated human rights with the falling number of civilian casualties, including children who are innocent.

Israeli raid into Mavi Marmara Ships carrying humanitarian mission has been asserted that Israel's behavior as a nation and anti-peace anti-humanity. Because despite criticism and protests from the international community against Israel continued to flow, but Israel has not also stop its attacks on Palestinian occupied territories. Even the Israeli missiles have even more intensively bombarding the roads, infrastructure, government buildings, hospitals, police stations, civilian housing and mosque to mosque building though.

But again, the world can only be condemned. The world can only be condemned. And the United Nations can only negotiate and continue to negotiate. 're Victims in Palestine every day, every hour, even every minute kept falling. Is such a long road to go a peace? Is the number of casualties, wailing cry of loss, suffering and torture of Palestinians are now perceived not too aware of the world that the Palestinian people so teraniayanya over brutal acts by the Israeli attacks.

With a series of actions the actions of crimes against humanity that have been repeatedly made by the Israeli military, has once again emphasized to us that Israel really wants to get rid of all civilians and military in the Gaza Strip. Is not Israel's actions have done such a heinous act and no longer recognize the values of humanity. But so far Israel still did not heed calls for peace proposed by the countries in the world.

Assertiveness Countries of the World

By looking at the sides of humanity, with the number of Palestinian casualties continue to fall, and some who survived are now in danger of starvation because of food aid and medicines from the world community continues to be blocked by the Israeli army, why does not the world can also open the eyes of Israeli barbarism as a Zionist who never feel satisfied with what they have gained from the Palestinians?

And again the world (including the UN) can not do much. Various efforts to immediately do penyeruan peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis as just "fairy tale" that is too beautiful to be realized.

After all peace efforts between Israel and Palestine will be realized, if the U.S. is far behind Israel can eliminate the arrogance of the various political interests. One of the attitudes that must be done to achieve peace between the Palestinians by Israel is by showing a fair manner, without partisanship, especially for the U.S. superpower that has always been a block for peace in the Middle East.

In the Palestinian-Israeli context, all countries in the world has seen and witnessed myself, that Palestine as a country that has oppressed need to obtain copyright protection.

Whatever the basis of that was brought Israel to the violence and cruelty, as happened in the vessels of humanitarian Mavi Marmara to cause casualties, of course not acceptable for any reason. And if the way to defuse the conflict between the Palestinians by Israel is only done with the proposals of peace, without any direct action, it looks like the road to peace will be difficult to achieve.

Therefore, condemnation and denunciation is not enough to stop the conflict between Palestine with Israel. This is where the role of countries in the world (especially the UN) who always upholds the values of peace among nations in the world is questionable. Looks like all countries in the world (including the UN) should take a firm stand because the military aggression of Israel to the Palestinian territories is a heinous and barbarous act.

Of course we want the Israeli Palestinian conflict can be resolved with a more major road of peace, rather than the war waged by conducting a counter-attack. Now we can only wait, what can be done by countries in the world, especially the United Nations to stop the violence and barbarity of Israel who have been very troubling world.
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