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Pro Palestinian activists buried Turkey

Thursday, June 3, 20100 komentar

Berita Lampung Pro Palestinian activists buried Turkey ; The activists who died in the Israeli commando raid to ship humanitarian aid convoy to Gaza, a few days ago, finally buried in Turkey. The coffin was covered with the victims of the Turkish flag and Palestine and buried at Fatih Mosque in Istanbul.

BBC reported, eight of the fatalities came from Turkey. In addition, there was one victim of American citizens of Turkish descent who was also buried in that country. Victim's body was flown from Israel to Istanbul together with about 450 activists who were greeted warmly on arrival at Istanbul airport.

Thousands of people attended the funeral. Some of them wore headgear Palestinian models. Burial was held at the Islamic city of Istanbul is strong.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel was not aimed at a convoy of ships to deliver aid to residents of Gaza but trying to break through the blockade. "This is not a vessel of love, but hatred of the ship," said Netanyahu.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul said Turkey's relations with Israel, which is Israel's only ally in the Islamic world. "Turkey will not forgive Israel," he said, quoted sebaimana

Meanwhile, another boat to Gaza to break Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip.
Ships named Rachel Corrie believed to be carrying 11 passengers arrived in Gaza says the fastest this weekend.

The Israelis, who occupied and ruled the waters of Gaza, confirmed it will not allow the ship was docked. Tens of thousands of tonnes of aid from the previous troupe stranded in the Israeli-Gaza border.
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