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Indonesian Muslim Student Action Fuel Presidential Statue, Flag of Israel

Thursday, June 3, 20100 komentar

Berita Lampung Indonesian Muslim Student Action Fuel Presidential Statue, Flag of Israel : Approximately 200 people from the mass of the Indonesian Muslim Student Action Union Riau Islands, students and the Center for Legal Advocacy and Human Rights Tanjungpinang burn the flag and the statue of the President of Israel in the protests against the Israeli army attacks against ships carrying aid volunteers to the Palestinians in Tanjungpinang, Thursday.

In a demonstration conducted at the Field Pamedan Tanjungpinang, besides burning flags and Israeli President Simon Peres sculpture made of cork, the mass was also held speeches condemning the Israeli army attack on the ship that brought volunteers Mavi Marmara and rock to the people of Palestine on May 31 2010.

"We condemn the acts of crimes committed by Israel against a volunteer to bring humanitarian aid, because the action was a violation of Human Rights (HAM) weight," said the coordinator of the action from the Indonesian Muslim Student Action Union Kepulauan Riau (Riau Islands KAMMI), Jamhur.

Jamhur said, the Security Council of the United Nations (UNSC) is also expected to drag Israel into an international court because it did gross human rights violations.

"We also encourage the Government of Indonesia to be more vocal and fight for the independence of the Palestinian people in international forums," said Jamhur.

Vice Regent of Bintan, Mastur Taher also joined to condemn the Israeli attack oration after passing the roundabout Field Tanjungpinang Pamedan it.

"I condemn the Israeli attacks on aid workers and also to the oppression of the Palestinians," said Mastur who is also Regional Advisory Council Executive Board of the MCC Riau Islands.Mastur also compares the atrocities committed by Israel during this same atrocities committed in the Nazi era.

After doing speeches, mass move to the Office of Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) and delivered the oration Tanjungpinang condemnation of Israeli atrocities directly through the channel Tanjungpinang RRI Pro-1."We also expect the Indonesian Muslim community to pray for the Palestinian people," please Jamhur.
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