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Water Festival Cambodia death toll amounted to 380 People

Tuesday, November 23, 20100 komentar

Water Festival Cambodia death toll amounted to 380 People : News the death toll continues to rise. Based on information from the hospital Preah Ketomealea, 380 people have been killed otherwise. In response to the tragedy of the Cambodia water festival , Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen announced directly as a day of national mourning.

"It reminds me of the tragedy of the massacre that befell Cambodia in the years 1975-1979, which made Khmer," he said. In addition to the growing death toll, injuries also continue to grow. According to a local hospital report listed 750 people suffered serious injuries and light.

The average victim due trampled, crushed, thrown and injured by jumping from a bridge into a river. "I saw the crowd pushing, stampede. They were screaming trying to escape from the pins, then tossed and plunged into the river," said Meourn Piseth.

A teenager admitted that he had resigned, caught in a panic because thousands of people who want to save themselves.

"I thought I was dead. I am stuck could not breathe. I was already dead. However, sada gratitude when I was in the hospital and was still alive," says this 15-year-olds. Party SAR teams continue combing the river looking for drowned victims, estimated numbers are still quite a lot.
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