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Photos of President Obama Stop Station Burned at the University of Indonesia

Monday, November 8, 20100 komentar

Photos of President Obama Stop Station Burned at the University of Indonesia ; Dozens of students who are members of Student Action Front (FAM), University of Indonesia (UI) rallied in the UI station refused to stop the arrival of president of the United States (U.S.), Barack Obama.

The rejection is indicated by the action of self-burning photo images of Obama and theatrical action. U.S. flag was stretched to wrap the corpse as a symbol of foreign capitalism.

FAM Secretary General Yahya said UI Hafiyah UI students resist Obama's arrival has been a puppeteer considered violations of Human Rights (HAM) in some countries such as Iran and Iraq.

"We reject the arrival of Mr Obama to Indonesia, and disconnect the relationship with the United States right now," he told reporters on Monday (08/11/10).

Hafiyah added, the students also considered, the agreement with the United States so far none of those lucrative government. "Revisit the U.S. mining work contracts with Indonesia, such as Exxon, Freeport, Chevron in Indonesia, which has to dredge the outcome of Indonesia's natural resources for decades," he said.

FAM UI also has not been able to ensure continued staged to coincide with Obama's arrival day. Obama is scheduled to give a public lecture at the University of Indonesia on 10 November.
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