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victim died from the earthquake and tsunami in the Mentawai which has been found as many as 337 people

Thursday, October 28, 20100 komentar

victim died from the earthquake and tsunami in the Mentawai which has been found as many as 337 people. "Before the victim died as many as 311 people, but now grown to 337 people who have been found," said Head of Disaster Management Agency Ade Edwar western Sumatra on Thursday (10/28/2010).

According to him, the data is obtained and reported to the Agency for Disaster Management Disaster Management Agency Mentawai West Sumatra at every one hour. "Every single hour, Mentawai Disaster Management Agency to report to the west of Sumatra Disaster Management Agency data on deaths and missing people," he said.

He said the residents who lost due to hit by the earthquake and tsunami in Mentawai District reached 338 souls. "To the victims were seriously injured as many as 265 people, 140 people were lightly injured, and residents in the evacuation of 4,000 people," he said.

Schools that damaged as many as four elementary and one junior high school building units, while the damaged public facilities, among others, the church as much as four units, three units of health centers, 426 homes were severely damaged, 200 homes with minor damage, 10 units bridges, and roads along the 8 kilometers P2D .

He said, from the island in Mentawai District, noted the two worst affected islands are a result of the earthquake and tsunami, which Pagai Island South and North Pagai.

According to him, victims of displacement are located in the District of South Pagai Village Bulasat estimated 2400 inhabitants in Hamlet Luranabana, Limoksu, Maonai, and Moping. They do not get help.

"The location is very difficult to achieve by the relief team and also due to shortage of fuel oil (BBM) to get to that place by sea," he said.

He added, several other areas in Mentawai District already get help by Tim Assistance for victims of the earthquake and tsunami. "Help keep it berdatang from donors to the disaster relief center to help victims of earthquake and tsunami," he said.

Received assistance has been channeled to the Mentawai District by sea are dispatched from the Port and Harbor Bay Bayur Bungus, the city of Padang. Since the earthquake and tsunami in Mentawai District, said Ade Edawar, west Sumatra Disaster Management Agency is opening the relief center.

"Post relief is located in Jakarta there are two places, namely Cengkareng Airport and Port of Tanjung Priok, while posts in the city of Padang, there are also two places, namely Ketaping Minangkabau International Airport, Port Bayur Bay, and Port Bungus Padang," said Ade Edwar.
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