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Download The Social Network Movie

Saturday, September 18, 20100 komentar

Download The Social Network Movie ; The Social Network” is an incredible drama directed by David Fincher. The movie centers on the life of creators of one of the popular social networking sites, Facebook. It impresses viewers by revealing the true story of the evolution of the site into a social phenomenon. This movie takes viewers to the year 2003, when Mark Zuckerberg, an undergraduate from Harvard University and computer expert, tries to practically implement his idea. He keeps himself seated in front of his computer for long continuous long hours and burns the midnight oil, to give shape to his ideas.

The Social Network video highlights the stupendous success of a programming experiment which began in a dorm room and evolved into a revolutionary phenomenon that changed the way users communicated across the globe. In a short span of six years, this worthy social network garnered six millions users, across the globe and become an integral part of everyone’s daily life. The success of the experiment made Mark, the youngest millionaire and a successful entrepreneur. Fame brought with itself a lot of legal and personal hurdles which are vividly depicted in the video.Download The Social Network Movie
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