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Saturday, September 18, 20100 komentar

CORPORATE INTEREST AT BLOG WORLD EXPO 2010 ; Corporate interest was one of the first areas discussed, according to Rick, this year will see an “exponentially greater number of corporate attendees.” Sponsors that include Ford, Kodak, Sony and Budweiser among others. I asked Rick what type of involvement corporations will have at the Expo and he assured me that “Blog World Expo coordinators spend more time telling companies what they can’t do rather than what they can do,” while adding that they educate brands on the right ways and wrong ways to promote brands to work with bloggers, for example, company’s in attendance are told that their brands can’t treat bloggers and new media like consumers.

For example, rather than basic Sony product placement, you might find Sony products that can be used to increase your blog posts multimedia output, such as HD camcorders that are preferred by bloggers or a new camera that offers quick post capabilities. Whatever the technology may be, company’s are encouraged to work with bloggers and other online content creators to showcase how their technologies and platforms can help a content creator “create better, more engaging content.” He goes on to state that “most exhibitors have a direct relationship with new media, so they understand the purpose of the conference and work to ensure they stay within that scope.” Read More ..
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