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Indonesian representatives in the Programme of The Amazing Race Asia season four

Wednesday, September 22, 20100 komentar

Indonesian representatives in the Programme of The Amazing Race Asia season four : The Amazing Race Asia Program of the fourth season will soon appear on the AXN channel. Tv reality program that the participants come from various countries in Asia are very tense, full of challenges because menyambangi exciting locations without they know armed with makeshift equipment and money that was rationed, without a wallet, credit cards, mobile phones and internet access.

The participants were from various walks of life. Starting from the actor, actress, lecturer, entrepreneur, athlete, until a social worker. From 2300 more applications coming from all over Asia to attend the largest travel and adventure in their life, was finally selected 10 pairs of participants.

By Nadine, they elected the same process with other participants. Although both are public figures, there is no preferential treatment.

"Although I've become Miss Fabulous Personality Faces Electoral Femina Miss Earth 2009 and People's Choice Awards, and Yani never be a guest VJ MTV, but the process was the same with other participants," explained Nadine.

Meanwhile, India's best friend pair represented Sunaina Gulia and dimple Inamdar which are two famous artists, as well as a cousin couples Sahil Banga and Manas Katyal. Malaysia was represented couples friends who claim anti-social and super crisp, Lim Kok Hon (Ethan) and Modh Khairie, as well as husband and wife are good at parkour, judo and Brazilian jiujitsu ala Ivan Evetovis ie, male descendants of Hungary and the bloody Aceh Tengku Hilda.

Filipino couples represented a super sexy friend Jainta James and Lani Pillinger, and two pairs of friends Richard Hardian and Richard Herrera. And the couple friend of Singapore, Goh and Michelle S. laire Ng.

The Amazing Race Asia following the four become a means of proving their courage as well as a test for the strength of the relationship between each pair of his team. Various strategies and preparation they have done with any ripe to seize the championship title. Curious to know whether one pair of participants from Indonesia will be the champion? Keep The Amazing Race Asia AXN channel 4 at.
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