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President SBY should be bold about Malaysia, Assessed Failed Diplomacy of the ASEAN Asked to overcome tensions Indonesia-Malaysia

Monday, August 30, 20100 komentar

President SBY should be bold about Malaysia, Assessed Failed Diplomacy of the ASEAN Asked to overcome tensions Indonesia-Malaysia ; More and overheating in the conflict between Indonesia and Malaysia, Asean, as the parent organization of Southeast Asian nations as requested to intervene as a mediator repair diplomatic relations the two negara.Dalam this, Wiranto, Yudhoyono urged the government firmly on Malaysia.

Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives said Taufik Kurniawan (30 / 8 /). "If the political impasse has occurred, so no more talking as allied nations, but as a nation Asean. For that we need the support of third parties that Asean member countries to mediate this problem, "he said.

by Taufik, Indonesia had been a chaotic mediator between Vietnam and Cambodia. Nothing wrong with Asean countries take the initiative to reduce the heat of the Indonesia-Malaysia relations.

"We can ask the border issue was brought into the problems of Asean. RI Secretary Marty Natalegawa can communicate with the Asean countries to be a mediator when Indonesia and Malaysia, sit together, "said Taufik.

Taufik expect a positive response from Asean countries to cushion the Indonesia-Malaysia conflict. If all the Asean countries were silent, Indonesia Taufik assess membership in ASEAN need to be readjusted.

"Why have ASEAN, if the spirit of the Southeast Asian country is not in solving problems that RI-Malaysia. If you can Vietnam or Cambodia who had been assisted by Indonesia, want to come sit down together as a third party, "he hoped.

One more sharply focused criticism on President SBY-related conflict resolution Indonesia and Malaysia. Although a letter of protest, SBY is still not strict enough.

"Sending a letter of protest is not enough. We ask the government more firmly again to Malaysia," said Chairman of the People's Conscience Party (Hanura) Wiranto after formalizing Hanura DPD office in Surabaya of East Java, Sunday (29 / 8) night.

Former military chief was considered the treatment of Malaysia against Indonesia in recent years has not reflected the good relationship antarkedua neighbors. Indonesia must show yourself if you still have the honor because this is a matter of national pride.

"There is nothing wrong if you give` warning `the neighboring countries. Do not play games with the injured human rights," said Coordinating Minister for Political and Security Affairs in the administration of Abdurrahman Wahid's.

According to him, the truth of the law must be obeyed to calm people's hearts. Therefore, he said, need more concrete actions and a maximum to answer people's doubts about nationalism. Wiranto was convinced the government under the leadership of President SBY able to overcome the arrogance of Malaysia.

"If not immediately resolved, riot at the lower levels faster and faster. All this happened due to a domino effect on the sluggish attitude of the government of Indonesia to Malaysia," he said.
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