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Planted in great Dubai Entrepreneur Invest in Indonesia

Saturday, August 14, 20100 komentar

Planted in great Dubai Entrepreneur Invest in Indonesia ; Summer air temperatures in Dubai now exceeds 40 degrees celsius. Nevertheless, the Consul General of the Republic Dubai Mansyur Prince supported Economic Counsellor Consulate General Dubai Dede Achmad Rifai keep the spirit held a business meeting with the businessmen of Dubai.

"Usually in the summer of businessmen in Dubai is very difficult to be invited to attend a business meeting," said Executive Function Pensosbud Consulate General in Dubai, Yana Rudiyana,

In addition, entrepreneurs in Dubai, in particular local entrepreneurs United Arab Emirates nationals, are generally very rarely willing to attend a dinner invitation, especially at the residence of the chief foreign representative. Thanks to the good relations that have been established so far, a total of approximately 15 businessmen in Dubai from 11 medium-sized companies up in Dubai have to attend a dinner at Wisma (Kediamaan), Consul General of Indonesia in Dubai last week.

Consulate Mansyur Prince declared in a state of the current global economic crisis, the Dubai economy is still growing and still be able to capture the charm and interest of many large foreign companies from Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

Accordingly, the Consulate General continue to seek opportunities in various sectors which can be developed, one by promoting a variety of potential that exists in the country, particularly in various areas has not tereksplor, by inviting local companies (Emirates) and the number of foreign companies large enough in Dubai.

Business meeting has resulted in more concrete commitments from 11 companies to conduct business interactions with Indonesia in the near future. For example Mr. Khangwee, CFO Thani Investments revealed that the company will conduct a visit to Bogor in October 2010 to directly see the gold mine site offered by the Government of Bogor regency, as Mansyur.

Dr. Ehab Lotfi, President & CEO of Solar Power Solutions, Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan (SBK) Holdings express interest in investing in the sector in Tampomas Geothermal Power Plant and Power Plant Minihydro in Cianjur and request more detailed information about both projects, especially the feasibility study and draft power purchase agreement for 20 years with the energy authorities in Indonesia.

Mr. Marwan Al Thani, CEO of Salam Investments revealed that his company works with companies in Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia are interested in investing in telecommunications, toll roads, and coal power plant. Mr. Al Fateh Abdel Monam, Engineer, ARMS Group expects the data given in the Indonesian company which exports of shrimp and fruit. ARMS Group will conduct a visit to Indonesia after receiving information about the company.

Mr. Azzan Al Ghurair, Board Member, SAR Private Capital, the Al Ghurair Group is interested in investing in the tourism sector in cooperation with Garuda Indonesia Airways. Mr. Ahmed Al Ghurair, Director, Emirates Trading Agency (ETA), Star, Al Ghurair Group will increase food imports from Indonesia. Commitment to continue to buy Indonesian products are also delivered by Mr. Rashid Ahmad, Managing Director, Rashid Ahmad Trading which imported household goods, Mr. Mohd. Muzaffar Tonse, Managing Director, New White House Trading is buying soap, and Mr. Ahmad Hassoun, Managing Director, Bader Hassoun & Sons Co.. which imports spa equipment.

There is also a company that will open representative offices in Indonesia, as told by Mr. Abdul Latif Hakim, CEO, Fortune International - Group and Mr. Al-Hakim. Paul Mason, Manager, Dubai Supply Authority (DUSUP), which do business in the field perminyaka
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